What Will I Do If I Scarify My Lawn?

What Will I Do If I Scarify My Lawn?

Scarification – The word alone sounds somewhat scary; in actuality, it is something that every lawn needs. Scarifying is also known as dethatching and aerating; it is essential in promoting healthy grass growth – an important part of great lawn care in College Station Texas.

The process is fairly simple, making scarification something every homeowner should do, whether by themselves or through hiring a lawn service.

Why Is It Important?

Healthy lawns depend on the appropriate amount of water, nutrients, and air getting to the roots. Without these things reaching the roots where they are absorbed, grass will not root well and lawns will not grow strong and thick.

After cooler seasons or sometimes after numerous mowing, a blanket of dead plant matter or thatch can form at the ground level, blocking nutrients – even essential sunlight – from reaching needy roots.

Even though some dead plant matter decomposes and feeds the soil, periodic thatch removal and light aeration of the top soil layer is a proven way to get more nutrients to the roots.

For this reason, dethatching and lightly scraping to dig up the dead matter and make little scratches in the soil – or scarifying – is very beneficial to living, rooted grass, and is an essential part of regular lawn care in College Station TX.

Dethatching Benefits

Because dethatching is a rigorous process, it should be done when the grass is actively growing so it can recover with immediate new growth. The best time to do this is in late spring. It can also be done throughout the summer, as long as the grass is not experiencing a dormant period due to drought or excessive heat.

For the best College Station lawn care, it should be done at least once every couple of years. Sometimes it can be done as often as once a year depending on the amount of thatch present, but not any more often than that. In the meantime, if dead organic material such as mulch or leaves collects, rake it to prevent buildup.

Scarification Process

For good College Station TX lawn care, scarification is best done a few weeks after weed killer has been applied so dead weeds can be pulled up during the process.

Using a machine that resembles a lawnmower with rake tines rather than a cutting blade, passes are made over the lawn so that dead grass, weeds, and other vegetation are pulled up from the ground and the surface is lightly scratched.

As these dead plants are uprooted and live plants are left behind, the process provides automatic aeration, not only introducing air into those places where dead roots were previously but giving living roots more room to spread, grow, and deepen. The end result is a more nourished, stronger and healthier lawn.

For more information about lawn scarifying, homeowners should contact their local College Station lawn care expert. With an occasional application, any yard can become a lush, beautiful lawn and look its best!

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