What Is The Best Way To Mow Around Shrubs?

What Is The Best Way To Mow Around Shrubs?

One of the more time-consuming parts of lawn mowing is mowing around shrubs, trees, and other landscape features. Edging without damaging the grass to create a clean appearance takes a few extra minutes, but this additional step is definitely worth the effort.

By using the lawn mower and/or any of the lawn care tools referenced below, it is possible to achieve a professional, finished appearance with any landscape, leaving everything looking neat around the edges.

Edging Around Shrubs and Trees

Landscaped yards often include shrubs and trees in attractive mulched beds. This looks great from an aesthetic standpoint; however, these beds require special handling during lawn mowing.

By taking the time to produce a cleanly trimmed edge, shrub and tree beds look nicely manicured and grass can be constrained to stay out of the beds.

Since it is difficult to get close enough to these beds with a regular lawn mower, trimming should be done some other way for precise mowing.

Mowing Around Shrubs, Trees, and Landscaped Beds

Although the lawn mower can get pretty close to landscaped beds, shrubs, and trees; it is possible to create a neat, clean edge by using other means of trimming around shrubs, such as the following:

  • Lawn Edgers – The best way to trim around shrubs is to first create a definitive boundary around the shrub bed by using a lawn edger. Edgers, whether manual or power, consist of a sharp wheel that cuts an edge in the grass, making an ending point to the lawn. Any grass on the shrub side of the cut gets pulled up and the area filled in with mulch, leaving an obvious boundary that can be easily maintained with string trimmers, shears, or a mini-mower.
  • String Trimmers – A versatile tool to trim around bedded shrubs and similar areas is a string trimmer or weed whacker. With proper use and a steady hand, anyone can easily trim around the edges of shrub beds and mow down grass for the first few inches around the bed. They can also keep grass out of areas cut with lawn edgers and maintain a clean break between lawn and mulch.
  • Edging Shears – Another option for mowing close to the edge of shrub beds is a pair of edging shears. This tool works just like a pair of pruning shears, only the blades are set parallel to the ground for easy trimming across the grass.
  • Mini Lawn Mower – A mini lawn mower is basically a gas, electric, battery, or manually powered lawn mower that is very small, typically offering only a 12-inch cutting path. This lawn care machine may be suitable for larger shrub beds, as its smaller size enables closer mowing to the edge of the bed; however, it may also face the same limitations as a full-sized lawn mower. Mini lawn mowers may be more useful for mowing under shrubs that are not set in landscaped beds, since they are smaller and lower to the ground than a standard mower and can get further under shrubs without damaging them.

By using one of the lawn care tools referenced above, homeowners can easily mow or trim around shrubs and trees to have nice, neatly-edged beds.

The lawn mower may be the main machine used in the yard; however, obtaining that look of professional maintenance may require some of these other tools.

By taking just a few extra minutes before the main lawn mowing, homeowners can make mowing easier to keep shrubs and beds looking neat and tidy!

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