What Is Included With A Well-Planned Landscaping Design?

What Is Included With A Well-Planned Landscaping Design?

Landscaping can make everyone an artist, displaying a palette of nature’s textures and colors. There are endless ideas that can be transformed into beautiful natural arrangements to provide pleasure and satisfaction.

Even for the most unqualified person, working with a local landscaping College Station TX specialist can yield a beautiful design while learning a lot about landscaping and plant care at the same time.

Important Qualities of Well-Planned Landscapes

Designing a landscape involves using color, shape, and texture to create visual and emotional pleasure. When conceiving a perfect landscape plan, the following ideas should be included in the design:

  • Color – There is an endless rainbow of color to be used in a decorative landscape, offering many choices. Too much or the wrong color can ruin a whole design, so designs must be created with a color scheme as with any other type of design. Colors should complement or contrast each other and come together in visual harmony without glaring shades that upset the palette.
  • Texture and Shape – Plants grow in a variety of shapes and textures, all of which can be used to add interest to a landscape. By knowing what fully-grown plants will look like, it is possible to build a three-dimensional work of art by taking advantage of shape, denseness, visual texture, and more. Delicate and more substantial shapes and textures can offset each other quite well, adding depth to the design.
  • Balance and Togetherness – Balance means having a good visual weight to the design so that it looks and feels visually balanced. Whether the landscape has identical presentation beds or a more random design, there still needs to be balanced, a feeling that all areas contain enough elements that come together in unity. Even if that balance is created by having every planted bed follow a different color or theme, it should still look unified when viewed as a whole.
  • Focal Point – It is important to have a focal point from which the design expands. It could be anything from a sculpture, pond, or even formation of rocks to a pattern with the same color and type of flowers. The eye will then go first to the more pronounced focal point and then begin to move around the landscape following any other created lines, shapes, or points of focus throughout the whole area.
  • Variety – There are not only choices in color, shape, and texture; there are also many different plant options to create desired effects, focal points, and patterns in the landscape. Similar varieties in different colors can be just as beautiful as different varieties in similar colors. Bushes, trees, grasses, tall flowers, short flowers, ground coverings, and other plantings can be used in countless creative ways for even more beauty and atmosphere.

Planning the Design

After some research to understand the possibilities mentioned above and how to use different plantings to achieve different results, it is time to plan the landscape. This can be done by sketching, using a computer program, or any other way; having an actual plan is very important to attain expected results.

The best way to start a landscape plan is sketching the area including approximate measurements, marking off any permanent fixtures, trees, bushes, etc. and then start drawing out ideas. Think about bed shapes and positioning focal points; determine what plantings are available and which to use in the different locations. Experiment with colors, patterns, heights, shapes, and textures. Once having reached a point of satisfaction with the design, it is finally time to start landscaping.

Whether working alone or with the help of landscaping College Station Texas professionals, proper planning will ensure that designs are easily transformed from drawings to real life. There can be a lot involved in creating an extensive landscape design; however, if it is well-planned, most will quickly begin to see those ideas take shape in no time at all!

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