What Can I Successfully Plant In The Shade in Texas?

What Can I Successfully Plant In The Shade in Texas?

When the sun is just too hot in many areas of Texas, shade gardening can be a great alternative. Shade gardening is a landscaping method that focuses on plants that do not require full sun and utilizes areas that are protected from direct sunlight.

Whether doing their own landscaping or hiring a landscaping service, homeowners can get beautiful results with shade gardening as long as they plant the right shade-loving plants. An added benefit is that many of these plants do well into the fall, even when other sun-loving species are fading.

Flowers that Love the Shade!

Many flowers prefer bright, hot sun all summer long; however, there are many beautiful species that thrive in lower light or shade conditions. Impressive bloomers like the Calla Lily, Begonia, Columbine, Salvia, and Obedient plant do very well in low light areas and lawn corners. The same is true of unique Mimulus (monkeyflower) plants and Ginger plant.

Along with these more substantial blooming species, there are plenty of smaller, more delicate and brightly colored blossoms that also do well in the shade. Some species include Impatiens, which are available in various palettes; the striking purple Lily of the Nile plant; and other colorful flowers like Browallia, Nicotiana plant, Wedelia, and Wishbone.

Great Flowering Bushes

Along with flowering plants, lower light gardening can look stunning with the addition of some beautiful bushes that enjoy the cooler conditions. Hydrangea bushes, in their many available colors, are a shade gardening favorite.

Other great plants to use are Pink Indigo and Penta’s shrubs, Floss flowers, and the striking Shrimp plant. Combined with other species, these bushes can complement landscaping in shady corners or under large trees that protect more delicate plants from direct sunlight.

Beautiful Foliage for A Dense Backdrop

Besides flowers, there are many other types of attractive foliage that prefer the shade while filling out empty spaces in the yard. Taller species providing deep greens in the garden such as the Umbrella plant, Sago Palm, Elephant Ear, and Monkey Grass, enjoy the warmer Texas climate in more shady areas.

Smaller, more colorful varieties include the beautiful Cast Iron and the Persian Shield plants, Caladium, Coleus, Liriope, and many other medium-sized foliages that love the shade. In addition, there are many types of ferns that can be planted by homeowners or a landscaping service that will thrive in darker corners.

Shade Loving Groundcovers

Tying everything together, low light landscaping will look complete with the addition of some groundcover that prefers indirect or low sun such as the vibrant Purple Heart, various types of ivy, Deadnettle with its dusky tones, and the colorful Jacobina plant. Violet, a landscaping favorite, is another groundcover plant that thrives in lower light and shade.

So before you decide there is no hope for those darker corners of the yard or the shaded areas under those trees, think again. Many flower and foliage species commonly used in landscaping actually prefer the shade and will thrive with minimal amounts of sunlight. To learn more about local, shade-loving species for planting beautiful yards in Texas, talk about the options with a knowledgeable landscaping service today!

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