What Are The Keys To Having A Great Lawn?

What Are The Keys To Having A Great Lawn?

A great looking lawn is the first impression that many business owners want to make; however, achieving that goal can be challenging. Early season grass care and timely commercial lawn care in College Station Texas can help to ensure that a company will have the best looking lawn. With these tips and a little effort, any lawn can look better than ever before!

Lawn Care – Grass Species

Grass comes in many different species, each of which has various qualities and care requirements. Two of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make in an attempt to attain a better lawn is not knowing what type of grass they have and what special needs must be provided for proper growth.

Through the efforts of a commercial lawn care service in College Station TX, the species must be determined, which is often dependent on the climate and location of the business and a soil analysis should be performed. With such information, it is possible to determine how to care for a lawn and improve it to make a real difference.

Lawn Care – Proper Growth

Achieving proper lawn growth can sometimes be difficult when dealing with insects, poor soil quality, and the drought many areas of the country have recently experienced. For maximum health to grow beautiful, healthy grass, it is essential to begin lawn care early in the year. Following are some of the steps that should be taken:

  • Dethatching – The first step in the spring is to dethatch the lawn to remove dead grass that has matted down over the winter. This will provide more air and sunlight to the remaining roots. This can be easily accomplished with a spring rake or a dethatching attachment on a lawn tractor.

  • Aeration – A good dethatching is usually all that is needed to provide aeration to the top layers of soil. If the soil is too packed, good root spreading and growth cannot take place and aeration should be done. There are many different ways to aerate, including a hand-pushed roller, tine rake, tractor attachment, or even aerator sandals that strap onto the feet to aerate the ground while walking.

Lawn Care – Weeding and Feeding

Both weeding and feeding are an equally important part of commercial lawn care College Station TX and should start in early May in most regions. Fertilizing, using a product that is best designed for each particular type of grass, is essential for a good growing season. This should be done at the same time that weed killer is spread to prevent weeds from absorbing the nutrition intended for the grass.

The first seasonal weed and feed should include a pre-emergent weed controller. With the second application 6 to 10 weeks later, feeding can include a regular herbicide for weeds that are already present. By slowly getting rid of the weeds, grass will begin to fill in any bare spots of the aerated and dethatched ground, thickening the lawn throughout the season.

Lawn Care – Proper Mowing and Watering

The amount of water used and the best times to water a lawn should be determined by the type of grass and local climate. College Station commercial lawn care services advise that it is best to water either before the peak of the sun or as the sun is setting in order to keep grass from burning. Without enough water, grass will die; however, over-watering could rot the roots of the grass.

Two of the biggest mistakes made when mowing the lawn is cutting the grass too short and/or mowing with dull blades. Blades must be sharp or jagged edges will be left to promote water loss and burning. Grass height should not be below 2.5 inches for optimal health and should be mowed when it reaches approximately 3 to 3.5 inches in height. It is also important to never cut more than one-third of the length of the grass at a time.

By following the above-referenced tips, business owners should see results in the establishment of a greener, healthier lawn. Good commercial lawn care in College Station TX done on a regular basis is the necessary change that almost any yard in poor condition needs to flourish and look its best until fall arrives!

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