What Are Earth-Kind® Roses And How Can I Grow Them?

What Are Earth-Kind® Roses And How Can I Grow Them?

Landscaping in Texas can be challenging due to extreme weather conditions, many different pests, and variable soil types.

Earth-Kind® roses are a beautiful and popular type of flower that is designed to withstand these problems, specifically bred for planting in Texas and areas with similar conditions.

They are hardy plants that any landscaping business or homeowner can include in garden landscapes to add delicate color that is surprisingly tough and will last all season long.

What Are Earth-Kind® Roses?

Earth-Kind® roses are a number of species that have been developed to thrive in hot and dry conditions, making them especially useful for landscaping in Texas. Developed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Earth-Kind® is actually an entire landscape development program that focuses on environmentally friendly, durable plant species and sustainable landscaping methods.

These roses offer a landscaping business or homeowner the ability to plant flowers that can withstand Texas weather extremes and are more pest-resistant while requiring less water, fertilizer, and pesticide use. Available in many different colors and varieties, Earth-Kind® roses will grow in many soil types with very little care, making them a great choice for Texas landscapes.

Planting Earth-Kind® Roses In Any Landscape

The main requirement for the successful growth of Earth-Kind® roses is planting them in an area that receives at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day and has good airflow.

Other than that, they can be grown in various soil types as long as the soil is well aerated, holds water well, and drains sufficiently. Lesser quality soils can be easily modified with organic compost, shale, and other mixtures to create a good bed for Earth-Kind® roses. Raised beds are also an option when soil conditions are less than ideal.

Once established in the landscaping, these roses need little more than a few inches of organic mulch laid over the root area to help conserve water and some very basic maintenance. Planted so there will be at least a foot between each mature plant, the roses will flourish and fill out to produce beautiful foliage.

Tips for Maintaining Earth-Kind® Roses

Earth-Kind® roses require very little landscape maintenance. They only need watering when the area around the root ball is dry down to an inch below the soil surface.

They do not require fertilization as long as they are kept covered with organic mulch. Sprinkling should be avoided, especially at night, as should too-frequent watering. Thorough watering at the ground level, or irrigating with drip irrigators, is recommended.

The only other care that Earth-Kind® roses require is occasional pruning to remove any dead or dying branches and trimming so that the space between them is maintained.

Requiring only the small amount of maintenance mentioned above, Earth-Kind® roses are a great choice for inclusion in Texas landscaping design. Bred for superior performance as landscape plants, this rose species are heat and drought resistant as well as very environmentally friendly. Used by a landscaping business or planted by homeowners, Earth-Kind® roses make a beautiful addition to any garden, one that will outlast many others, even on the hottest days!

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