Weed Control – A Year-Round Job!

Weed Control – A Year-Round Job!

Spring is right around the corner. For homeowners hoping for a beautiful lawn, this means the start of seasonal lawn maintenance, too.

A beautiful lawn requires good planning and year-round attention. Yet weed control does not have to be a major problem when done correctly.

Therefore, putting good weed control practices to work on a lawn will pay off the most. Whether performed by lawn maintenance services, or homeowners who tackle weed control on their own, consider these important tips to have a healthy, weed-free lawn!

Prevent Weeds In Spring

The best way to keep weeds from taking over a lawn is to prevent them from growing in the first place. Although this is not possible with weeds that already exist, it is possible to prevent the seeds of some species from sprouting in the spring, cutting down an overload of weeds on a lawn.

Pre-emergent weed killers do this; whey they are applied once the weather begins to warm and as the grass shows its first signs of life, these formulas attack weed seeds and keep them from sprouting.

Control Weeds in Summer and Fall

By late spring, lawns and any already established weeds are actively growing, meaning pre-emergent weed killers are no longer effective. For established weeds, it is necessary to use a post-emergent weed preparation that attacks growing weeds at their roots.

These weed killers should be used various times throughout the late spring, summer, and early fall to kill off weeds while they are actively growing. Yet it is important to avoid times when lawns are dormant due to heat or drought, since weed control products can damage the lawn.

Besides applying post-emergent weed killers, homeowners who practice the best lawn care will also want to reduce weeds by pulling or spot-treating larger weeds; using selective herbicides to kill off certain species; and most importantly, by providing good lawn maintenance techniques that promote healthy grass.

A late application of weed killer in the early to mid-fall also kills off any lasting stragglers, so that a lawn will gain the full benefit from late season feeding before winter.

Improve Lawns with Year-Round Care

The best way to kill off weeds is to grow a thick, healthy lawn that can crowd them out. This requires attention throughout the year in terms of planning for routine mowing, lawn feeding, dethatching and aeration, and applying weed control.

When soil needs improvement, applying nutrients, minerals, or top dressing can help strengthen lawns. Keeping lawns well-trimmed to the desired length for the grass species also helps prevent weeds from germinating and spreading more seeds.

Combined with proper lawn care maintenance, weed control should eventually result in fewer weeds each season, until lawns eventually grow thick and green and weeds are crowded out.

Although weed control requires year-round attention and proper lawn maintenance services, the actual work involved does not have to be a huge issue.

With a good plan that includes applying the right weed killers at the right time, proper mowing, and other timely lawn care, homeowners can spend less time working on their lawns and more time enjoying them.

If this work does become too time-consuming, all of these tasks that can be easily performed by local lawn maintenance services. The effort will definitely be worthwhile and will eventually result in a beautiful, green lawn that any homeowner desires!

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