Tips On Caring For Your Landscaping In The Fall!

Tips On Caring For Your Landscaping In The Fall!

After working hard to have a beautiful landscape all spring and summer, the effort does not stop there.

With a little bit more attention and some useful fall ideas, any homeowner or landscaper in College Station can prepare a lawn and garden for the upcoming winter so that come next spring, it is healthy and ready to grow.

Fall Planting – A Great Time

Most planting occurs in the spring, when roots can quickly become established as the weather encourages quick plant and grass growth.

This is a much better time to plant than in the summer, when foliage can go dormant because of hot, dry weather as anything planted at that time will have a harder time surviving.

In the fall, it is nearly like planting in the spring; the weather is still warm enough for plants to grow and root underground, then go dormant as the days get shorter and colder. So come spring again, bulbs and anything else planted in the fall should grow strong and healthy from the start of the season.

With this in mind, fall is the time to pay attention to bulb planting and overseeding the lawn. A late-season fertilizer should be used in late summer, followed by planting and overseeding and leaving enough time for bulbs or seeds to become established before it gets too cold. Late-season feeding helps the grass grow well in the spring.

Cleaning Up Before Fall

As summer dwindles and becomes fall, it is time to clean up the lawn and yard for the winter. This is a good time for weeding, as there is little time left for weeds to regrow.

When leaves begin to fall, it is essential to keep them raked up and avoid killing the lawn when covered with heavy wet leaves. A landscaper in College Station Texas can pick up the last lawn clippings to reduce the risk of clumps laying and killing the grass underneath.

Weeding planted beds is best done now, as is removing dead and dying plants and laying more mulch to protect planted bulbs. The point of this work is to remove any foliage that could dry and decay in clumps and then weigh down and kill off whatever is underneath.

For beds usually planted with annuals, this is a good time to till again with a smaller tool to provide a slight looseness and aeration to the beds.

Winterizing the Landscape

To encourage healthy tree and shrub growth in the spring, these plants should also be winterized which is done by simply watering well once the leaves have fallen off trees but before the ground begins to freeze.

Mulch can be put down as necessary around trees, delicate bushes, flower beds, and any other planted beds. When the mulching is done, the whole landscape should be in good condition to go into a healthy dormancy, ready to bounce back once the weather begins to warm again.

It is important to take good care of properties and landscapes – or hired a skilled landscaper in College Station TX to handle any winterizing tasks to keep beds and plantings in good shape for spring.

In a weekend, most home landscapes can be cleaned and ready for a long winter’s nap. Keep in mind that time invested in the fall caring for gardens and landscapes will result in less work in the spring to bring them to life to enjoy again!

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