Picking Hardy Plants For Texas Weather Extremes!

Landscaping in Texas can be especially challenging. Not only does Texas see extreme heat and humidity, it also sees its share of cold weather and weather patterns can be unpredictable.

This creates certain problems for homeowners looking for beautiful plants and vibrant color most of the year. One way a homeowner or landscaping company can achieve this is by starting out with plant species that are especially hardy and will survive under a variety of conditions.

Accented by more seasonal plants, there are some beautiful, three-season species that can create the basis of any colorful landscaping design. These species are more adapted to the varying local climate and make a smart addition to any Texas landscape:

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

As beautiful as it is hardy, Rose of Sharon bushes and small trees establish easily in various soil types, then grow actively three seasons out of the year. It is available in numerous colors and varieties. Rose of Sharon begins blooming early in the spring and continues to blossom through the fall. It adapts well to periods of drought, remaining dormant without damaging the plant.

Rose of Sharon also grows prolifically, making full plants of beautiful green leaves and colorful flowers. Rose of Sharon is one of the most Texas-friendly species that a homeowner should consider in their landscaping plan. It is also a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies!


Coneflower plant

The Coneflower plant is a tough species that is also hardy enough to withstand the unpredictable Texas climate. It blooms in various shades of bright pink and lavender and grows happily in many soil types. Coneflower is a favorite species for a landscaping company to use since it grows big, bright flowers in almost any sunny or partial sun location.

This plant is easy to care for and can grow as high as three feet tall, producing more blooms the more water it receives. In drier conditions, the plant may not grow as tall, but it will still continue to produce flowers.

Purple Heart

purple heart plant

Purple Heart is an extremely hardy ground cover plant that requires very little to take root and grow like crazy. It will grow in almost any type of soil and can survive in bright or low light, hot or cool temperatures as well as in dry or wet conditions.

As a matter of fact, it may even need to be trimmed back to control growth since Purple Heart has roots that very easily spread, sprouting even more beautiful green and purple leaves.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

Another extremely hardy species that is commonly planted by landscaping companies is the Cast Iron plant. This species makes a great filler in lower light spaces where other species may not thrive. It is especially suitable under trees and in corners, or to fill in empty spots under taller plants that are used in landscaping design.

Growing large, deep green leaves, the Cast Iron plant can survive in almost any soil from spring to fall and will grow back year after year. It thrives in the heat and can withstand the cold, although it should not be planted in high sun locations as the sun can brown and burn its large leaves.

When used in combination, these four plants are all any Texas homeowner may need for beautiful landscaping from the first days of spring to the last days of fall. Best of all, even when not flowering some of these species provide year-round foliage in all but the most extreme cold. Whether planting on their own or hiring a landscaping company, the homeowner will do well with these hardy, extreme weather species in their landscaping design!

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