Learn Why Lawn Care Is As American As Apple Pie!

Learn Why Lawn Care Is As American As Apple Pie!

Anyone who has a home with a lawn – whether postage stamp or sprawling estate sized – knows it must be maintained, part of which includes lawn care College Station Texas.

Although mowing grass has evolved since the birth of lawn mowers in the mid-1800′s from rotary push mowers to gas and electric models, the basic task has remained the same.

An interesting yet unknown detail is the part lawns played in the development of urban and suburban America, where a small grass plot is much more than just a blade or two of grass.

Lawns – Born in the USA!

The premise of lawns – small, private areas cultivated by landowners as a source of personal pride – did not start in America until there was a distinct difference between farms and cities.

Since it was important to stay reasonably close to cities for most workers, urban and suburban areas began springing up all over, providing easy access to the busy cities and offering much more space for – lawns.

Homes were built on small parcels of land and not directly side-by-side, creating a very new landscape. Neighborhoods formed, as did smaller towns and housing developments, enticing more and more people to leave the bustle of the city and live in fresh open air – in the country where every home had its own bit of land including lawns.

This trend followed the style of early European estates with well-kept lawns, providing a previously unknown sense of opulence to the ‘lower classes’, a true taste of the American democracy.

Lawns – More than Just Grass

When it comes to grass, not much has changed from long ago. The grass was wide open spaces – lawns were private and personal property to be regularly and expertly groomed like a poodle. It didn’t take long before it was perceived that grass let to grow made home look unkempt.

So the race was on to cut lawns short, for fear the neighbors would think a family poor, uncouth or otherwise unfit to live among other carefully trimmed grass plots.

In essence, a lawn and its care or neglect took on social meaning, whether valid or not. The upstanding families who were educated had good jobs – the perfect suburbanites – were expected to keep up with the Jones and the Smiths and the Williams – all out there every weekend making a private postage stamp lawn look like the best one on the block.

Contests were even helped for the lawn of the month. Fairly or not, lawns had taken on a means by which people could be prematurely judged, right or wrong, which still exists today in some fashion.

Lawns – Today

In any suburban American neighborhood, it is easy to spot which homeowners take pride in the outside area by being the ones with perfect lawns and beautiful landscaping. Grass has grown two feet high still tends to give the impression of a lack of pride, regardless of why the grass has not been cut.

Many HOA’s even have ‘rules’ that govern how tall grass may be grown without fines being levied. While it is true that a well-tended lawn adds to the character of a neighborhood, applying it to a social status seems a little out of place.

Most homeowners with a lawn prefer to keep it well groomed – then there are those who either don’t care or wish they lived in a more rural setting. In either case, the value of lawns in America has become yet another influence in social circles and public acceptance and can even affect the resale value of a property.

Anyone interested in taking their lawn from normal to extraordinary should contact a local lawn care College Station specialist for professional help in getting the outside area under control and keeping it that way!

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