Learn How To Make Your Lawn Mowing Really Easy!

Learn How To Make Your Lawn Mowing Really Easy!

Spring is nearly here, which means pretty soon the flowers will be blooming, and the grass will be greening up. It also means that it will soon be time to begin regular lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing is probably one of the least favorite tasks a homeowner must deal with to keep their property looking great. Unfortunately, with a lawn comes the need for mowing.

Hiring local lawn mowing services is always an option, but for those who chose to mow their own, here are a few tips to make mowing easier and faster, so it is less of a chore!

Sharpen Those Blades

Before putting the mower to the lawn, always start out each season with sharpened blades. Sharp mower blades are essential for healthy, disease-free lawns, because they cut cleaner, reducing plant damage.

Sharper blades also make lawn mowing easier in general, because they cut better, requiring less effort by the mower.

Be Prepared for Mowing

It’s great to be able to start the lawn mower up and get the job done as quickly and easily as possible. A mower that won’t start, or runs out of gas halfway through a mow is definitely an inconvenience, but can be avoided with good planning.

Just like the professional lawn mowing services do, keep mowers well-maintained and serviced so they always start at the first pull. Also, before starting to mow, make sure the tank is full, and there is extra gas available to refill if necessary. Clear the lawn of any stray items and debris so there is no need to stop mid-mow to do it.

Mow On Time

Mowing should be done based on when the grass grows tall enough to be cut, usually one-third taller than the ideal length for the type of grass.

By mowing when the grass reaches this height, and not letting it get any longer, not only is it healthier for the lawn, but it reduces the amount of work involved in lawn mowing.

Never mind the calendar. Instead, watch the grass growth and let that be an indicator of when it is time to mow.

Mow the Perimeter First

The easiest way to get through mowing an entire yard, or any larger area, is to mow a pass or two around the perimeter first. The edges take the most time to mow, but once they are done it is much easier to complete the rest of the space, turning the mower around within that area.

By mowing the perimeter first, the entire yard will look neater, since it is easier to follow a back and forth pattern, rather than having to deal with corners and edges at the end of every pass.

Reduce Grassy Areas

One of the more obvious ways to make mowing easier is to decrease the amount of grass to mow. This may not be an option for everyone, but for the homeowner who enjoys landscaping, adding planted beds, trees, bushes, walkways, patios, and other landscape features can reduce the amount of grass that needs care.

Other ways to reduce grassy areas, and also make mowing easier, is by using mulch and mowing strips in appropriate areas. A nicely landscaped yard, with a patio and other elements may be a perfect way to enjoy less mowing, while still having the beauty of a nice, green lawn.

As the weather begins to warm, and the grass slowly comes back to life, be ready for seasonal lawn mowing. Have the mower serviced and the mower blades sharpened, then use the simple tips referenced above to make lawn mowing easier.

Whether a homeowner chooses to mow themselves or hire lawn mowing services, a well cared for lawn is a hallmark of a beautiful home and yard!

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