Learn About Weed Control Before They Start Growing!

Learn About Weed Control Before They Start Growing!

Weeds are a nuisance for most every homeowner and if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on beautiful lawns. It is the age-old fight between the lawn mower and the weed.

For proper removal of weeds, some lawns need the help of a great lawn care company that knows how and when to treat them. Fighting weeds is more than spreading a little weed killer around; it involved proper care that will give lawns a great chance at having weeds removed for good.

Providing the Best Weed Control

To actually kill existing weeds and prevent new ones from growing without harming the grass itself is essential to practice the best lawn care, and hire the services of a reliable lawn mowing business. Weeds must be eliminated in stages, based on the season and the maturity of the plant.

On the other hand, grass must be well cared for and properly mowed for plants to be healthy and grow strong, which will certainly help with weed eradication. Together, these practices take some time yet can yield a beautiful, weed-free lawn in just a season or two by close adhering to these helpful practices.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Pre-emergent herbicides kill crabgrass and other weeds before they can grow. The first time the lawn is mowed for the year, there are seeds from previous seasons that are about to start adding to the current weed population. Stopping them before they can start is essential for the best lawn care.

Pre-emergent weed control is spread anywhere from late March to late April, depending on the climate. It must be put down before the soil maintains a temperature of 50 degrees or more for a few days, as those conditions initiate germination. The best lawn mowing businesses say that if weed killer is present once seeds germinate, the seeds will absorb it and die off as a result.

Seeding and Over-seeding

Seasonal over-seeding, done in the spring and late summer by most lawn care companies as well as re-seeding thin spots can help prevent weeds from moving in where the grass is sparse.

Spring seeding or over-seeding should be done with the spring fertilizer application – about two weeks after applying pre-emergent herbicides in order to give new seeds the best chance to grow and help push weeds out of the way.

Late summer/early fall seeding – also done with an application of fertilizer – helps grow new roots before wintering, helping to prevent areas from unexpectedly being taken over by weeds after winter.

Keeping Lawns Properly Mowed

Besides the fact that grass is healthiest when kept at its most desirable length (2 to 2.5 inches for most varieties), regular cuts with the lawn mower are essential for another reason.

While there are still weeds in the lawn, allowing them to mature and create seeds simply adds to the problem. Regular mowing reduces the chances of this happening.

Later Season Weed Control

The best lawn care companies say that once weeds have actually grown, control comes in the form of killing what is there, then growing stronger, thicker grass in its place. Later season weed killing requires knowing the type of weed – annual or perennial – and spreading the appropriate product to kill it.

These herbicides are usually mixed with fertilizer to feed the grass while killing weeds, encouraging grass root growth. Summer and fall weed killers must be spread while weeds are actively growing in order for this to work.

It is easiest to control weeds in the spring with a pre-emergent herbicide followed by fertilizing and seeding or over-seeding. Existing weeds must be treated while actively growing, with herbicides intended for mature plants. These are some of the most important times for having a lawn care company visit.

In between, hiring a local lawn mowing business to keep grass cut to its desired length is essential for best lawn health. After a season or two of using these weed control methods, most homeowners should see a drastic improvement in the condition of their lawn – and truly enjoy the green, green grass of home!

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