Lawn Pride And How It Can Infect You!

Lawn Pride And How It Can Infect You!

To many people, lawn mowing is an annoying chore to get done as quickly as possible, then move on to something better to do. For these homeowners, pulling out the lawn mower is a necessary evil.

Although it is something that is worth the effort, it is an activity they would rather do without. On the other hand, there are some homeowners who view lawn care in a completely different way.

Some homeowners take so much pride in having a perfect lawn that lawn care, including the arduous task of lawn mowing, is a definite labor of love.

Lawn Pride – More Than Just Lawn Care

Well-manicured, healthy grass can make any home look professionally landscaped and is a pleasure to look at as well. A vibrant, neat lawn that has been properly edged and is devoid of weeds makes for great curb appeal and increases a home’s value.

Houses are much more attractive when the grounds that surround them are attractive as well, which is something that most homeowners understand and appreciate.

Yet there are some, like the “weekend warriors,” who make sure their lawns are mowed to perfection, and appreciate this task to another completely different level. To this exclusive group of homeowners, the feeling of lawn pride runs deep.

How Homeowners Become Proud Lawn Owners

Lawn pride comes in two forms. One form is the pride that a homeowner feels in knowing they have a beautiful lawn, even if they grudgingly struggle with lawn mowing or pay someone else to do it. Then there is the second form, the deeper form of lawn pride.

The form when homeowners are proud of not just the condition of their perfect lawns, but also in the fact that all this perfection is a result of their own personal hard work, the “I-did-that” mentality.

Growing a perfect lawn, and providing all essential lawn care necessary for it, can be quite a challenge. This higher level of lawn care comes not only from the success of pushing the lawn mower every weekend, but doing so with precision, leaving no blade uncut.

It grows from developing an expert technique with the trimmer, leaving no straggler behind. It happens after seasons of dealing with the weeding, and seeding, and feeding, to the point where a lawn stands out as the best one on the block, and maybe the whole subdivision.

Only The Few, The Proud…

This pride, which is comparable to football pride, is unique to a select group of homeowners who don their mowers eagerly every weekend, unwilling to allow any other hands on their machine, or any other lawn mower on their grass.

Only they know the intricacies of their yard and the best way to mow around that problematic bush without making any marks in the lawn. Only they understand how fragile that one spot of immature grass under the tree really is, and the care needed to groom it. To some this may seem like an obsession; however, to the lawn proud, it is a love cultivated slowly, just like that perfect lawn.

Not every homeowner dislikes the tiring, yet necessary tasks involved with lawn mowing and great lawn care. There are some out there who smile proudly when their lawn is complemented; not just because it is beautiful, but because they personally made it that way. To some, a 12-point buck trophy brings out that pride.

Others feel that pride when their favorite team wins the championship. Some homeowners feel that special, deep pride as they push the lawn mower, which has been thoroughly scraped and hosed off, then put back into the shed after expertly mowing the grass around their home.

Lawn pride is a love that might be hard to explain to some; however, there are many homeowners who understand and thrive on this unique lawn pride!

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