Landscaping – Why You Must Plan Before You Install!

Landscaping – Why You Must Plan Before You Install!

The most beautiful homes also have beautiful landscaping that adds color, interest, and even value to a property. Good landscaping requires more than just planting some flowers and bushes, with the best designs always starting out with a great plan ahead of time.

Landscape design is an art form on in its own, so it is important to use a plan developed by an experienced landscaper who understands how this type of living design works.

Whether working with a landscaping company to actually bring a plan to life or doing it yourself, it is essential for a homeowner to create a design with a professional who can help properly plan the desired look.

The Benefits of Having a Landscaping Plan

The full landscape design incorporates an entire property, and the various features of that property, to create the most appealing design plan.

A great landscape is more than a few planted flowerbeds, but rather flowerbeds that are part of a larger design – one that utilizes many different elements.

A cohesive landscape plan incorporates existing natural features, like mature plantings, along with the property shape and size, as well as those that will be added.

It considers home architecture, the homeowner’s desires for their landscaping plan, and the ways to achieve those ideas within their budget and time frame. A well-designed landscaping plan will provide more than just instructions of what to plant where, but a blueprint for getting the job done!

Important Considerations In Landscaping Design

Besides designing the “how to” instructions for a landscape, a good design plan is essential in the visualization of things such as color, shape, and size, and how to incorporate them effectively for a beautiful design.

Planting something first, and then finding out that it does not work is wasteful, and cuts into the landscaping budget and time.

It is better to avoid this by designing ‘on paper’ first, and planning with a knowledgeable landscaper for specific design effects that can be used to build a beautiful landscape, as follows:

  • Visual Design – This is the overall design that takes themes, patterns, personal preference and the entire goals of the landscape plan into mind.
  • Relationship of Landscaping Elements – This is the color, size, shape, and repetition of specific elements, and how they are best used to achieve the desired effect.
  • Balance and Cohesiveness – This is how well all the different design elements and home architecture work together to create an overall design that looks natural, despite the fact that it is actually well-planned.
  • Use and Maintenance of Available Species – This is planning with more available, and more easily maintained species for longer lasting effects that offer greater efficiency overall.

Without the right direction to begin work, visualizing these important ideas becomes much more challenging, and more along the lines of guesswork rather than deliberate planning.

The most beautiful landscapes – even those that utilize a more random layout – actually come about through careful consideration of all elements and their direct – and indirect – surroundings. To create the best landscaping art, landscaping company professionals must design a plan that considers all of these things, and then begin installation once there is a satisfactory layout to work from.

Whether seeking a themed garden or going for a more traditional or natural look, a landscape that is properly planned ahead of time will result in a much more professional installation, as opposed to just looking like some plantings that were simply thrown together.

Even for the homeowner who enjoys taking on projects such as these, working with a landscaping company that can help with the actual design is recommended. A plan created with the help of a trained, professional landscaper ensures the homeowner will achieve their landscaping goals and have the best-looking property to show for it!

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