How to Handle Lawn Care With Traveling Sprinklers!

How to Handle Lawn Care With Traveling Sprinklers!

Having a great lawn is an area of pride for most business owners and a way to beautify even the smallest and simplest of properties. Getting that beautiful look requires significant work, maintenance, and careful attention to details such as watering.

Traveling sprinklers are devices that can help any business owner maintain a lawn and keep the grass healthy between visits from service providers of commercial lawn care in College Station Texas, taking most of the guess work out of watering.

Lawn Watering – Not as Simple as it Seems

Grass needs water to survive; however, there is much more involved in watering than just using a hose or turning on a regular sprinkler. Incorrect methods of the watering can do more damage than imagined. Many of the practices used by business owners to water lawns are actually hurting landscaping rather than helping.

To grow the greenest and healthiest grass, water must be provided in certain amounts at regular intervals and certain times of the day to avoid evaporation and burning by over-watering. It may sound simple, yet can be more of a challenge than many might realize.

Planning the day around watering the lawn and moving a sprinkler around is not something that most business owners can do. Tractor sprinkler systems provide a great answer for all of those concerns and promote better commercial lawn care in College Station TX.

Lawn Watering – Consider Traveling Lawn Sprinklers

The beauty of using a traveling sprinkler – which is as close to ‘set it and forget it’ that a watering system can be – is that it runs itself using hydraulic power. As a part of College Station commercial lawn care, the water running through this system not only nourishes the grass, it moves the unit as well.

Using one of these sprinkling systems is really very simple. A standard water hose is screwed into the connection point on the device and then laid on the lawn in the desired watering path. Once turned on, the sprinkling arms turn and water the grass within the unit’s reach as it slowly creeps along the length of hose that has been laid out to act like a track.

As the sprinkler moves along its track while watering, it provides enough liquid nourishment in each area without over-watering. The perfect amount of water is distributed and the entire lawn gets watered. What could be easier?

Lawn Watering – Function of Traveling Sprinkler System

Depending on the weather and humidity, commercial lawn care requires different amounts of water. For the best use of an automatic device such as a traveling sprinkler – many of which look like miniature farm tractors, a fitting appearance for this hard-working gadget – business owners must determine the watering requirements of their specific region and then set the sprinkler with a timer on the spigot to handle the job.

The goal is to allow the sprinkler to run long enough to get to the end of the track that has been set out and then turns itself off. By doing this, business owners can set up a watering system, turn it on when it is safe, and forget about it. The results will be a well-watered lawn without dragging hoses and stationery sprinklers around. This means less likelihood of over-watering or burning without having to take the time to do it by hand.

After spending a lot of money on professional lawn care, there is nothing worse than seeing money and effort go to waste, especially if the proper watering method would prevent it.

Knowledgeable providers of commercial lawn care in College Station TX recommend creative means, such as the use of a traveling sprinkler tractor to provide grass water how and when it is needed and in a most convenient way. This small monetary investment will ensure that business owners have the best looking lawn in the area!

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