How to Enjoy Fall Landscaping!

How to Enjoy Fall Landscaping!

The days are shorter and temperatures cooler, so thoughts turn to fall and winter – the end of yard and landscape maintenance – almost.

Landscaping experts in College Station Texas remind that there is still some important work to be done so that next year’s landscape will return healthier and more beautiful than ever.

So before putting away mowers and garden tools, before getting ready for the coming cold, here are a few important tips to be sure that landscape is well-prepared for the winter ahead.

1. Soil Maintenance

Grass and foliage are not the only things needing maintenance and nutrition. Good soil means better development of all things growing. Do one final mow once the grass has stopped growing; rake up clippings and any fallen leaves to prevent any damage to the grass or plantings. The tines of a good rake can help remove any thatch and aerate the top layer of soil.

Fertilizing with a long-acting additive for the soil and grass roots is also beneficial, feeding through at least half of the cold season so that growth in the spring is healthier.

2. Over-seed and Reseed

Lawn Seeding

Fall is actually a much better time to reseed and over-seed lawns as many grasses sprout and root better when it is cooler.

Good water and sunlight is important; most reseeding of bald spots and overseeding in thin areas usually grows enough to take root before going dormant, ready for fast growth once the temperatures begin to warm again.

Mowing young grass before going dormant promotes growth so roots are stronger, making spring landscaping in College Station TX easier.

3. Clean Beds and Edging

During warmer weather, flowers and foliage have grown and died for the season, grasses have overgrown boundaries that separate lawn and landscaped beds.

Now is a good time to go through beds, removing all dead organic material from plantings like leaves and dead heads, then edge again. Remember to leave fall flowers alone, as mums and the like will grow and bloom fairly late into the season, providing color during the last moments of fall.

4. Plant

Fall is also the best time to plant; bulbs, trees, and bushes planted at this time of year can take root before the end of the season, then go dormant and prepare for actual growth in the spring. Planting in the fall also allows most flowers to come up at the same time which looks the nicest.

5. Mulch

Once beds are cleaned and edged, mulching again makes fall flowers look more impressive and adds another layer of protection for plant roots and bulbs, keeping them warmer while helping to retain moisture, easing the descent into winter. Beds will be cleaner and easier to prepare in springtime as well.

6. Yard Cleaning and Clearing

Fall landscape care and maintenance should include cleaning and raking under all trees to remove leaves, pine needles, and anything other debris to prevent damage from the weight of decomposing vegetation. Put away summer furniture, decorations and landscape ornaments. It will keep items in better shape and eliminate the risk of grass or root damage.

The landscaping season is definitely coming to a close; however, now is the time to go through fall and winter work to reap springtime benefits.

Professional landscaping experts in College Station are already taking such steps to prepare clients’ landscapes for the coming cold; now is the time to use such suggestions and prepare every lawn and landscape for a good rest over the winter – and a great comeback in the spring!

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