How Proper Mowing Affects Your Lawn!

How Proper Mowing Affects Your Lawn!

Lawn cutting is one of those home maintenance jobs that most people dislike, primarily because of the heat, dust, and lost hours doing the chore. Landscaping in College Station Texas includes managing the length of that grass in order to stay inviting and good-looking.

Often, this job is done as quickly as possible (especially by teenage members of the family!), which unfortunately leaves grass in worse shape than before mowing. With a little planning, it is possible to have a great looking lawn while managing to get the work done efficiently as well.

The Most Important Fact About Cutting Grass Is…

… having a sharp blade. The sharpness of the blade directly impacts not only getting the lawn cut in one pass, it also affects the condition of the grass after it is cut. Dull blades rip and shred, creating jagged and burned edges which diminishes the health of the grass. Sharpened blades cut cleanly and smoothly, leaving grass in much better condition and much more able to bounce back after mowing.

The general recommendation by experts with landscaping in College Station TX is that every lawn mower should have maintenance and blade sharpening done before storing it for the winter season so it is ready to use. Blade sharpening is recommended any time it is noticed that the grass is tearing and displaying jagged, dried ends. By keeping the blade in good condition and setting the mower at its highest setting for longer grass, lawns can withstand cutting and dry conditions much better throughout the heat of the season.

Mowing Frequency

The greatest damage to grass is caused when it is allowed to grow too long and then cut. This shocks the grass, invites dehydration, and creates a lot of grass clippings. It is much better to mow regularly – at least once a week – although it may be necessary to mow twice a week during the prime growing season. Frequent, small trims are much healthier than less frequent ones. If the grass is not growing due to extreme heat, it should not be mowed.

Grass clippings can be left when the amount is smaller from frequent trimming, as big clumps of grass clippings will kill the lawn if left lying. Mulching lawn mowers used frequently should be the perfect combination so no raking needs to be done; however, any clumps should always be picked up. Decaying clippings help feed the lawn; big, heavy clumps prevent sun and water from getting through and can damage the grass.

Other Lawn Tips

A helpful tip from experts with landscaping in College Station is changing the direction of the cut with every mowing to keep the lawn an even green rather than green with yellowish stripes. Because of the way grass is pushed in one direction by the blade’s action, one side of the grass will eventually receive less sunlight than the other. By alternating directions, it is less likely that the lawn will grow in one direction.

The time of day that grass is cut is also important. For least grass damage, mowing should be done either early in the morning before the sun is too strong and hot – or late in the afternoon or evening when the sun has begun to set. This is also true for lawn watering, although cutting and watering should not be done at the same time.

With these basic tips, the amount of effort taken to have a healthy, green lawn can be reduced. Efforts at landscaping in College Station TX will probably still be the least desirable thing to do on a weekend or evening; however, correct mowing will yield better results and prevent the need for any extra work!

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