Here Comes Spring – Is Your Lawn Ready?

Here Comes Spring – Is Your Lawn Ready?

It seems like only yesterday the goal was to get the lawn ready for winter as the cold weather began to set in.

Now we are already preparing for spring with longer days as that brownish, dormant grass begins to slowly turn a more vibrant green – and will soon be ready for the resumption of lawn mowing in Bryan Texas.

Just as there are important things to do before fall dormancy sets in to help guarantee a healthy lawn in the spring, there are also some things to be done in the spring as the impending growing season nears.

Thatch Control

Thatch builds up in colder weather in spite of having been removed before winter. It forms a layer of dead grass that must be removed that could otherwise prevent new growth from emerging. Raking again to get up all that dead and loose matting should be first to give a rebounding lawn its best chance to grow thick and strong.

Besides removing dead grass, raking loosens the top layer of soil to allow water, fertilizer and weed control to improve grass health. It is also the best time to over-seed, as this will help ensure that seed can reach the soil and take root rather than thatch preventing that from happening.

Weed and Feed

The best time to apply weed control and fertilizer is early, long before lawn growth gets really active. As grassroots begin to gear up for another growing season, spreading weed killer and fertilizer at the same time will help kill off any plants that could rob new grass of nutrients and space before having a chance to rejuvenate.

The best product to use at this time is a pre-emergent herbicide to keep weeds from emerging with the grass. As weeds die off, grassroots spread out and the whole lawn becomes healthier. Be sure this is done far enough ahead of reseeding so that germination of the seed is not affected.


Fall is usually the best time to over-seed and start new grass; however, sometimes it needs to be done in the spring as well if there are bald patches or other damaged areas.

After thatching, over-seed the lawn in thin spots and seed bald spots by loosening an inch of soil and applying seed as directed. It is a good time to apply a slow-release fertilizer so that as the seed begins to germinate, it is also fed.

Do not spread weed killer when over-seeding; that should be done earlier or separately if there are plans to seed or over-seed to order to see the best benefits from each application.

Spread a quick release fertilizer five after the seeds begin to sprout to give baby grass the boost it needs. By the ways, shortly after this point in time lawn mowing in Bryan TX will begin in these areas as well.

Lawn Care During the Growing Season

Once the grass is in full growth and the temperature rises, fertilizing is not usually recommended since it is easy to burn grass when done at that time. Using weed and/or seed must happen either early or late in the season, not in the heat of the summer when grass enters another dormant stage.

Mowing a lawn in Bryan should happen regularly, with a sharp mower blade; it should be done in the early morning or early evening to prevent grass burn. Once the summer dormant spell has begun, mowing should be stopped altogether until there is growth activity once more. Then at the end of the season nears, it starts all over again with fall and cool weather preparation.

The biggest mistakes that can prevent having a great-looking, healthy lawn is making the right effort at the wrong time. Whether seeding, fertilizing, or lawn mowing in Bryan, maintaining a schedule dictated by growing seasons and temperature is essential for strong, disease-free grass. Good care in the spring and fall with basic trimming the rest of the season will yield a beautiful lawn to admire and enjoy all summer long!

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