Fall Lawn Care – DIY vs Landscaping Company!

Fall Lawn Care – DIY vs Landscaping Company!

The dog days of summer are in the past and the more comfortable weather of autumn is here. While lawn care duties may be slowing down some, there is still plenty to do to keep landscaping looking its best.

Many homeowners prefer the DIY approach; however, fall could be the best time to hire a landscaping company. When dealing with leaves, pruning, and preparing for winter, compare how a local landscape service can help or if the Do-It-Yourself idea is still the better choice.

Keeping Up With Fall Lawn Care

Even though the grass may not be growing so much right now, there is still plenty of lawn care work that needs to be done at this time of year. Whether homeowners do it themselves or hire a landscaping company, healthy spring lawns depend on appropriate autumn care now:

  • Fall Fertilizing – A late season fertilizer application done at just the right time is essential for establishing strong roots that will handle the cold weather well. Doing so means the grass will grow back healthy and vibrant in the spring.
  • Soil Aeration and Dethatching – After the leaves have fallen off the trees and been raked up, autumn is also the best time for lawn dethatching and aeration to promote root growth and healthy spring lawns.
  • Lawn Reseeding – Fall is also a preferred time to reseed over thin or bald spots in the lawn, as the milder temperatures are perfect to allow young grass to take root and establish before winter, then grow back fully in the spring.

Professional Landscaping Company or DIY?

Lawn mowing can be tiring work, yet it is a simple landscaping task that many homeowners have no problem taking care of week to week. As temperatures drop and grass growth slows, there may be less mowing to do; however, the other lawn care tasks mentioned above take precedence. Before assuming the DIY approach will be easy, homeowners should consider the following:

  • Using the Right Equipment and Products – Most homeowners own a lawn mower, yet many do not own aeration equipment. While these machines can be rented, they are required for good fall soil aeration. Similarly, it is important to use the right fertilizer preparations for regional fall feeding to get the best results from late-season maintenance efforts.
  • Harder Work – Besides the lawn mowing, additional fall landscape care like de-thatching, leaf raking, aeration, and seeding can be really hard work. Seeding requires careful preparation and maintenance to ensure seeds germinate and root before the colder days.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – All things considered, hiring a landscaping company tends to be more cost-effective for most homeowners if they do not have the equipment they need or the necessary time to work on these autumn lawn maintenance projects. Professionals are usually able to complete these tasks faster, providing the desired results at a much lower cost of both time and money required by homeowners.

Taking these points into consideration, every homeowner has the choice to either approach fall lawn care and landscaping in a DIY manner or hire a local landscaping company to help out. Either choice is a good one as long as the lawn and landscape get the important late-season care it needs. Since the beautiful days of fall won’t last forever, enjoying autumn weekends with family and friends rather than spending them working in the yard seems like a much nicer way to spend the remaining good weather!

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