Does Your Sloping Lawn Give You Problems?

Does Your Sloping Lawn Give You Problems?

Rolling hills of green look beautiful and can make an ordinary landscape look extraordinary. Dealing with those slopes and hills can be problematic at times, especially when it comes to lawn mowing.

Thankfully, an experienced lawn mowing company or landscaping service has ways of overcoming the problems associated with a sloping lawn. From good lawn care to the best lawn mowing services, following are a few tips to use that can combat slopes to achieve a great-looking lawn, even in those tricky spots.

The Problem of Sloping Lawns

Mildly sloping lawns are not so much of a problem when it comes to landscaping and lawn mowing; however, steeper slopes are another story. One of the main problems slopes can cause is that grass cannot grow well, since water and fertilizer run off the slope and don’t get absorbed.

What happens instead is that soil at the bottom of the slope becomes soggy from getting too much water, while soil on the slope itself remains dry and underfed. Bald patches develop because the grass does not root or grow well. Even where grass does establish, fertilizing is a problem and mowing is difficult and dangerous, to say the least.

Dealing With Sloping Lawns

There are two basic ways in which sloping, unhealthy lawns can be handled: remedy the care and mowing of steeper slopes so grass can be maintained or physically change the slope.

  • Maintaining Sloping Lawns – If maintaining the slope is the choice, lawn management must include methods that allow grass on that slope to get enough water and fertilizer. You must water on top of the slope for longer periods of time to enable the slope to get enough water without saturating the ground at the bottom. Aerating hills also helps soil absorb water and nutrients, resulting in healthier, stronger grass; it also helps to plan sturdier grass varieties that do well with less water.

  • Replacing Sloping Lawns – If it is not possible to maintain a healthy lawn on a slope, there are a number of other ways an area can be handled. Slopes can be mulched, although very steep slopes will still allow mulch to wash away. Containment borders with plants and mulch can be created, all of which can create a nice landscaping effect. Additionally, hard-to-handle sloped areas can be re-graded to reduce the angle of the slope. Grading is a more involved process; however, the results are often better as the slope is easier to both grow grass and mow in such places.

Mowing Sloping Lawns

Another main concern when dealing with the sloping ground is actually mowing the grass; the risk of injury and equipment damage from overturning mowers is significant when mowing on a hillside. Mowing must be done very carefully by working from the top to the bottom or by using specialized mowers with a side deck that can be elevated to travel along a slope.

Working with a grassy slope can definitely be challenging for homeowners and even a professional lawn mowing company. Hiring the best lawn mowing services that know how to deal with such challenges and have the right mowing equipment is definitely recommended to keep any sloped lawn looking its best!

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