Consider the Benefits of Laying Grass Sod!

Consider the Benefits of Laying Grass Sod!

Nothing looks worse than a yard covered in dead or dying grass, bald spots and other damage spoiling a lush green appearance.

When a yard cannot be brought back to life, replanting with seed is always an option – although it can be hard to get seeds to germinate and grow.

The truth is, the best way to rejuvenate a lawn – the whole thing or just parts – is by grass sod-laying in College Station. Yes, the cost is high – but there are some very valid reasons why this should be considered as a more worthwhile effort than reseeding.

Sodding Disadvantages

Whenever sod is mentioned, the first thought is cost, especially when a large area or a whole yard needs to be redone. There is a lot of manual labor involved with site preparation since the old grass must be removed, the soil weeded, and the planting area leveled.

Once the rolls of sod are placed, regular watering is required until roots begin to grow; that is usually the extent of the process when using sod to restore a lawn

Seeding Disadvantages

There is only one main disadvantage to seeding a new lawn – the cost – and this is why seeding is first attempted. Unfortunately, most seeding efforts fail much more often than with grass sod-laying in College Station.

To seed a new lawn, the old lawn must be dug up and the soil worked for at least one inch or more of depth. Seed and fertilizer are distributed, the area is watered – and then comes the weeks of waiting. Well, not really idle waiting as there is a lot more to do other than just wait.

Seeding requires extensive watering, maybe twice a day; every watering could move the seeds or float them away. Birds and animals love eating the grass seed and the wind blows many seeds away or at best, all into one place rather than the entire area.

Sometimes the seed just does not grow for whatever reason – and most seed providers offer a guarantee; however, the cost of a bag of seed is minor compared to the labor and time that went into preparation, planting, and nurturing only to have to do it over again – maybe more than once!

After at least two weeks of waiting for a seeded lawn to begin to grow, the grass is fine and delicate – and totally unusable for even more weeks. In reality, the new grass will really not be mature until the following season, so there is high possibility of it dying before getting mature.

Frequently, seeding a new lawn renders a yard unusable for the whole summer, negating the entire point to having a lush green lawn.

Sodding Advantages

In spite of a higher cost, sodding is easier and more likely to grow into a beautiful, new lawn in a shorter period of time. After installation, sod also needs regular watering but not near as much as planted seed.

On the other hand, sod offers an instant lawn after just a few weeks to get established and growing. Sodded areas are immediately available for occasional and gentle use – and not been lost for the entire growing season. It certainly won’t be washed away by sprinklers or rain or eaten by birds before it can grow.

The decision to seed or sod should be done with some careful consideration. If time is indeed money, then the effort to seed is a risky proposition when compared to the surety of sodding. It is quick, easy to install, requires much less water, and almost instantly usable, if necessary.

Don’t let cost be too large of a factor as grass sod-laying in College Station usually pays for itself in reduced time and frustration as well as increased value and convenience – what a benefit!

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