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Spring is officially here and for many, it means lawn mowing season has arrived. As homeowners begin to think about lawn care and arranging for lawn mowing services, many are also thinking about more natural alternatives.

Today’s consumers are more aware of their impact on the environment and realize that things like poor landscape management and the use of noisy and smelly gas-powered equipment can affect the air. This means that more people than ever are looking into eco-friendly lawn care services and landscaping solutions.

Survey Reveals Concerned Consumers

According to a recent survey conducted in mid-2016 by the Husqvarna Power Equipment Company, public awareness of environmentally-friendly lawn care methods is at an all time high. Concerned consumers understand the need to go green and are acting on this knowledge by putting their money where it can make the most difference, which is into eco-friendly lawn mowing and maintenance products.

In the survey, 65 percent of respondents stated that they would hire landscape and lawn care services that use environmentally friendly power equipment. A total of 72 percent said they would hire any company that uses eco-friendly power equipment, including landscapers. Many of these homeowners have even opted to replace their personal power machines with eco-friendly models.

This information, and the fact that the quality of eco-friendly equipment continues to rise, is something landscaping and lawn mowing services should monitor.

Landscaping Students Agree

A separate global survey of landscaping students revealed similar results. Landscaping architecture students in 15 countries were asked what their thoughts were concerning landscaping in the future; environmental friendliness was a main topic. Nearly 71 percent of those surveyed suggested that eco-friendly machinery and methods would be an important idea moving into the future.

They also felt that consumers and companies that use and produce these products should receive tax incentives.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Equipment

For those who wonder why is has become such an urgent topic, eco-friendly or green equipment offers a number of advantages that have made it a top choice of today’s consumers and homeowners. Electric, eco-friendly lawn mowing and landscaping equipment uses no petroleum as fuel or lubrication. They run clean, reducing the fumes and exhaust released into the environment, and cost less to operate.

These machines are more quiet and efficient than traditional power equipment, which most consumers find to be a desirable quality. Considering such significant benefits, services that use them stand to save money and gain more environmentally conscious customers.

So when mowers come out of the shed this spring and lawn mowing services begin regular mowing, companies and homeowners alike may want to consider upgrading their lawn mowing equipment to the latest eco-friendly green options. As environmental awareness grows, so do concerns over traditional landscaping methods and the drive to make lawn care services even more “green” than before. Based on growing consumer demand, landscapers and lawn care specialists need to begin exploring such beneficial options!

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