Lawn Care in College Station Texas

With the height of summer upon us, we are only weeks away from when the temperatures will begin to drop. You may be looking forward to the arrival of fall because it means less lawn mowing; however, it does not mean forgetting about other lawn care needs.

Whether you hire a lawn care company to take care of seasonal needs or you do it yourself, be sure to schedule these important services so your lawn will come back healthy and strong after resting over the winter.

1. Dethatch

Dethatching is the removal of dead grass that collects during the growing season to give the soil and grass roots more room and access to nutrients. Most lawns have some thatch over the soil, which can be helpful for conserving water and protecting the soil. Still, after repeated lawn mowing, thatch can build up to form a mat that prevents water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil.

This problem can be remedied to ensure your grass roots get the water, air, and nutrition they need by dethatching with a convex or power rake or by having a lawn care company do it with a machine. To dethatch, mow your grass to half its normal height, water the day before, and remove all the dead and matted grass. Water again and resume normal care.

2. Aerate

The next task in your fall lawn care schedule is aerating. Aeration perforates and loosens the soil, which can become compacted after a while. It is necessary to loosen the soil so roots can spread out and grow. It also provides a place for fall fertilizers to go deeper into the soil where nutrients are better absorbed by grass roots. Like dethatching, you can aerate your lawn using a plug aerator or have your lawn care company perform this task.

Aerate your previously dethatched grass by watering the day before and making a single pass with the aerator over the entire lawn. Go over spots that are especially compacted a few times. Once the dirt plugs dropped on the grass have dried out, break them up with a mower or the back of a rake so they filter down to the soil level to be reabsorbed. Continue watering, fertilizing, and lawn mowing as usual.  

3. Overseed

While dethatching, aerating, and doing other fall lawn care tasks, you may come across thin or bare spots in your grass that need some additional attention. Fall is the best time to overseed thin spots or reseed bare spots since the weather is milder.

To overseed thin areas, mow grass shorter than usual, water, then spread seed using a broadcast spreader. Next spread fertilizer to help seeds germinate quickly. Rake the lawn to settle the seeds close to the soil. Water again and continue with normal care.

To reseed bare spots, water first and then rake the soil to loosen it. Spread seed over the area and loosely rake them. Cover with a light layer of straw to protect the seeds and soil, then water lightly but frequently.

If you take care of the three easy, but important lawn care tasks referenced above every fall, your grass will be stronger and healthier come spring. Fall may mean your lawn mowing schedule is soon coming to an end; however, your grass needs other attention to prepare it for winter.

Hire a lawn care company to dethatch, aerate, and overseed for you if you like or simply invest in a few inexpensive tools so you can do it yourself. Regardless, you will ensure your lawn is in its best condition going into the winter so it rebounds quickly in the spring!

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