Laying sod is the only way to achieve the instant pleasure of a new, green lawn.  Face it – laying sod is buying time – time that could otherwise be spend looking at a brown yard and praying that the birds don’t eat all the seed or a bad thunderstorm doesn’t wash all that effort down the creek. Sod transforms a poorly-performing lawn – or none at all – into a beautiful vision of green. What does it take to achieve such an accomplishment?

  • Proper soil preparation!
  • Good placement techniques!
  • Ability to crawl around on the ground!

If you think this sounds like too much work, you need to call the experts at TrimPro Lawns and Landscaping Services – Grass sod laying College Station .  They know the best ways to lay sod to create a breathtaking, luxuriously green lawn!

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Getting an entire landscape – yard and beds – ready to transition from fall into winter is a necessity in order to maintain the integrity and the beauty that has already been established.

  • Beds need to be cleaned out and covered with fresh mulch to help retain all perennial plants and shrubs!
  • Spring bulbs need to be planted in order to be present in the spring!
  • Lawns need to be fertilized and cut to the correct length to weather the winter!
  • Did we mention raking and disposing of all those tree leaves?

These are just a few of the fall chores that need to be accomplished in order to prepare the lawn and flower beds to survive the winter – sounds like a lot of work to do!  Don’t stress over all of this – call the experts at TrimPro Lawn and Landscaping Services to schedule your grounds for a yearly preparation to transition from fall to winter successfully!

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