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In neighborhoods where homes are close together, backyard privacy can be a prime concern. Privacy fences are a common solution; however, there are many other ways for homeowners to create privacy with the right landscaping. When expertly installed by a landscaper, foliage is a natural and attractive alternative as a property divider and buffer, whether used alone or with fencing. By using the right plants, an expert landscaping company can create much needed and beautiful privacy in some very unique ways.

Large and Full Trees

Trees work well as the backdrop in any landscape designed for privacy. They may take a while to mature; however, evergreens, pines, and weeping species are excellent along property lines because they grow large and dense. Once they have grown for a few years, they begin to block out sights and sounds across property lines while turning backyards into miniature forests.

There are also evergreens and pines that grow naturally in most regions. When properly planted by an experienced landscaper for optimal growth, these trees require minimal maintenance and give a great return on the investment.

Shrubs and Hedges

Evergreens and other shrub species provide a closer layer of privacy and sound deadening, making them useful near the house, around a deck or patio, or filling in spaces between larger trees or other landscaping elements. These plantings only grow to specific heights and widths, making them ideal to use in a more controlled manner and more closely on the property. Hedges can be used in similar ways. Some hedges can be grown very tall and trimmed to create a natural wall of foliage.

Exotic Bamboo

Bamboo is a very popular species to use for creating privacy due to its natural beauty and how easy it is to grow. Yet it can also be a bit problematic due to the fact that it is easily reproduced and may grow out of control. Bamboo can still be used in privacy landscaping provided it is planted in a contained bed or planter; it does offer a more exotic look than standard evergreen, shrub, and hedges species.

A professional landscaping company will know the best way to add bamboo to a yard without risking out of control growth.

Climbing and Winding Vines

In addition to the more substantial plantings that can be used to produce a private yard, vines grown over appropriate support structures can add interest and a more secluded view. Vines proliferate very quickly when given the opportunity, with some species growing very tall and others spreading outward. They can enhance the look of a boundary wall or fence as well as create a boundary when grown off cables and trellises.

Ornamental Grass Plants

Although grasses do not grow as tall as the plantings mentioned above, they still have a place in a landscape designed for privacy as they fill in gaps and corners well. Lush, bushy grasses can be the finishing touch in a backyard landscape plan that blocks out the rest of the world, with some types reaching as tall as four feet.

Whether using a fence or not, there are a variety of ways for homeowners to add elements of privacy to their yards with the help of an experienced landscaper. By combining different types and species of plantings with a good design, a landscaping company can achieve a desired degree of privacy. Any backyard can become a secret garden with the right foliage and landscaping plan!

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