Lawn Mowing in College Station Texas

The grass is finally growing again, which means a lot of lawn mowing. Cutting your grass may not seem like it should require much thought; however, doing it properly always produces the best results. To ensure you have a great looking yard whether you hire a lawn mowing company or provide your own lawn mowing services, check out these important tips - your lawn will thank you!

Keep the Blade Sharp

Always start the season with a well-maintained mower that has a nice, sharp blade. A sharpened blade cuts grass cleanly, causing less trauma to the plant and resulting in a healthier, disease-free lawn. Monitor your cuts after lawn mowing. If you see frayed grass ends, get the blade sharpened again.

Practice the One-Third Rule

Avoid cutting your grass too short or scalping it by following one simple rule: only cut one-third the length of your grass at a time. To easily manage this like professional lawn mowing services, learn the recommended height for your specific type of grass and divide that by three. Once the grass reaches that height, set your mower so you cut off the top third of the new growth.

Know the Right Height

Individual species of grass grow differently and are healthiest at different lengths. Learn what type of grass you have and keep it at the preferred height. Cool weather species usually grow longer, while hot weather species remain shorter. In either case, refer to the one-third rule above and keep your grass at its most desirable length.

Avoid Cutting Grass During Hottest Time of Day

Lawn mowing causes trauma to the blade. When mowing is done while the sun is at its brightest, damage is increased due to higher water loss and more trauma to the blade. Reduce damage and lawn recovery time by cutting your lawn at a cooler time of day, like late morning after the dew has dried or in the evening. If you hire a lawn mowing company, request they do the same to protect your lawn.

Mow Grass When It’s Dry

For the best results and to avoid the need to continually unclog your mower, always cut the grass when it is dry. Although cutting grass when it is damp won’t hurt the grass itself, it makes the job a lot more labor intensive. You will have to stop and clear out the underside of the mower of all of those wet, clumped clippings. If these clumped clippings are allowed to lay on the lawn and not raked up, they could damage the grass.

Mulch Your Clippings

Besides the periodic fertilizer that you or your lawn mowing services may apply throughout the season, the best food for your grass is the clippings themselves. Tiny bits of composted clippings put nutrients back into the soil, allowing the grass plant to grow stronger and healthier.

Mulch your clippings when they are small and can easily disappear into the grass. If your grass is longer, rake up the clippings as mentioned above to prevent clumps from being left behind. Get the length under control first, then go back to mulching.

Vary Your Pattern

Another trick any professional lawn mowing company knows is to frequently change the mowing pattern to prevent the grass from eventually laying to one side. Cut your grass in different directions each time so it stands up straight and tall after every cut.

Before heading outside to do your lawn mowing this weekend, take the time to read these few, yet important tips. Keep your lawn healthy and growing strong by performing lawn mowing services the right way at the right time for a great looking yard. You do not need to be a lawn mowing company to follow a few tips that will give you a beautiful lawn!

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