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Summer is here and the grass is growing like crazy! If your grass is thin and dying and you do not even need a lawn mower, a new lawn may be your best option. Before you decide to hire lawn mower services to dig up your yard to re-seed it and tend to bare dirt for weeks, consider some other options that are available.

Depending on its current condition and your budget, a lawn mower business can help you restore your grass by using seed, sod, hydroseed, or grass plugs.

Grass Seed

Growing new grass from seed is the traditional way to restore a dead lawn. This is true whether it is done by you or by those offering lawn mower services. This method is the least expensive way to grow new grass. Yet it is also the most work-intensive and time-consuming method.

Your yard must be prepared by digging up all the dead grass and loosening a few inches of soil. Then the seed must be spread, watered, and carefully monitored to prevent damage to the sprouting seeds. Seed requires daily watering, takes 2 to 3 weeks to take root, and may require some overseeding. It can take months to establish thick, healthy growth to the point where a lawn mower is needed. Of course, the monetary cost is minimal.


Hydroseed is a professional product that is sprayed onto prepared dirt by a lawn mower business. It helps establish newly seeded grass more quickly than seeding by hand. Seed is combined with fertilizer and a protective, degradable blanketing material that prevents wash off, holds water, and promotes faster growth.

After the soil is prepared, a layer of hydroseed is sprayed on and then watered. All you must do is keep the seed watered as it roots and grows. Although it is somewhat more expensive than hand seeding, hydroseed typically establishes a thick lawn in only 4 to 6 weeks, with minimal work involved.

Grass Plugs

Grass plugs are another option sometimes used by lawn mower services to bring a lawn back to life. They are good for established yards that have some thin or bald spots. These plugs are small squares of mature grass plants that can be easily set into your existing grass to fill it out.

The process involves preparing the individual spots where the plugs will be laid. The areas must be watered and given a few weeks to take root. Grass plugs are like miniature pieces of sod designed to spot restore grass and help it thrive. The overall cost of grass plugs depends on how many you need to improve your lawn.


Sodding is the easiest and fastest way to obtain a thick and healthy lawn. It is also the most expensive option. Sod is a layer of mature grass plants with an established root system that is applied over prepared ground. It requires minimal work for you or a lawn mower business to lay it down. Sod will take root quickly with regular watering.

The main benefit of sod is that you can walk on it immediately and use a lawn mower as soon as it begins growing again, usually within two weeks. Sodding has the highest cost among all grass restoration options; however, it is convenient and durable. It can easily turn your bare ground into a healthy lawn.

So before you rush off to the home supply store to buy a bag of grass seed, consider the various options available to restore your lawn. Depending upon the current condition of your grass and how quickly you want to see results, having a lawn mower business hydroseed, plug, or sod may be a better option.

Even though you may spend more money initially to get your grass ready for the lawn mower, you will save greatly on time, labor, water, and aggravation. Experienced lawn mower services can help with any of the options referenced above so that you have beautiful grass growing again as quickly as possible!

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