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Proper landscaping and lawn care sometimes involve the use of organic materials that provide a number of benefits to your landscaping. The most commonly used materials applied by lawn care services are mulch, bark, and compost, each of which does different things. To understand what your lawn care company is using and why they use it, you must know the differences between these three materials and what they can do for your landscape.


Mulch is the general term for any organic material that landscaping and lawn care services might use on your property. It consists of many different organic materials including wood chips, sawdust, shredded leaves, pine needles, straw, and many others. It is usually applied either for aesthetic looks, to conserve water, or both.

When spread around trees and bushes and laid in landscaped beds, mulch holds water and reduces evaporation from the ground. Mulch also aids in preventing and controlling weeds in these areas, making landscaping and lawn care in your yard easier.

Some mulches will protect plant roots over the winter, while others may even be used to add nutrients to the soil. Depending on the type of mulch, there are many reasons why you or your lawn care company may want to apply it.


Bark is actually a popular form of mulch. It is made of ground up bark from pine trees and is available in a variety of grades, from finely shredded to larger chunks. Bark mulch is used by landscaping and lawn care services mainly to enhance the look of planted beds as well as around trees and bushes.

Bark may also be used to retain moisture and help keep plants well hydrated in the hotter months. It is commonly available in color-treated varieties that prevent fading. When bark mulch is applied by your lawn care company, it will make your landscaped areas look neat and well managed.


Compost may also be used as mulch, although it serves another important purpose as well. Compost is made from decomposed organic materials that produce a fine topsoil and is frequently used to improve soil quality. Compost increases the nitrogen content of the soil, providing better nutrition to plants, bushes, trees, and even your grass.

If your lawn is in poor condition due to unhealthy soil, your lawn care specialist may recommend adding some compost to the lawn. Once the compost is raked into the grass and then watered, it will continue to decompose and become a part of the soil. As it does this, its nutrients are absorbed into the ground to feed grass and plant roots, producing a stronger, healthier plant. 

Although all three of these materials are commonly referred to as mulch, there are actually many types of mulch that landscaping and lawn care services may use to keep your grounds looking their best. Bark is great for saving water and making planted beds look nice, while other mulches are useful in other ways.

If your grass is not thriving despite your lawn care efforts, or if your vegetable plants are not producing, some compost in the soil may help. Discuss the various options and uses with your lawn care company today and have the best-looking property in the neighborhood!

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